Thursday, October 15, 2015

Every mid Month

In my plan, every middle of the month, I should update my CV. But I haven't been folowing this plan. Today is 15th of October and nothing is new with my CV. Instead, I was busy with tumblr connection to my wordpress blog, through IFTTT.

Since 14th of October, wordpress-ifttt-tumblr connection did not work anymore. My bloody PhD note on October 14th did not come out on my tumblr (iscab). I put my to-do list on this PhD Note. If the tumblr connection do not work, then I cannot read my newest to-do list immediately.

Today I tried to write dummy posts, to test the tumblr connection.
But they did not come out on my iscablr

So I decided to close the connection between wordpress and tumblr, through IFTTT. I also made some changes in my wordpress blogs, so it is mobile-friendly and light. Then in my IFTTT recipe, I only have the blogspot and wordpress connection. This post is written as a dummy post to test whether this connection is still working.

Not only updating my CV, every middle of the month (every 15th), I also plan my future, goals, life plan, career plan, etc. I also has to contemplate and remember my successes and failures. I have to write new skills on my CV. I have to update my professional online profile on my website, LinkedIn, Xing, StepStone, and Monster. Yes, I have two websites now: and

Well, I hope I can stick to the routine of using middle of the month for contemplation, CV update and future plan. And I hope this post come out on my bloody PhD note.

Now, it's highly time, I should have gone back to real PhD life: "Research!".
Darah Juang!

Oldenburg, 15 Oktober 2015


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