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EEG electrode placement for P300, Y02-M08-D04

Sa, 04.04.2015
Year 2, Month 8, Day 4
(1 tahun, 7 bulan dan 4 hari telah berlalu)

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EEG electrode placement for P300.

From Gerwin Schalk, in BCI2000 forum (if 8 channels):
- left:   P3, PO7,
- right:  P4, PO8,
- middle: Fz, Cz, Pz, Oz

Easy Cap, in lab.
- left:   F3, C3, P3, O1, TP9
- right:  F4, C4, P4, O2, TP10
- middle: FPz, AFz, Fz, FCz, Cz, Pz
The configuration of 16 electrodes is from Markus Kroesen's Bachelor Thesis, 2013, University of Oldenburg
"Vergleich verschiedener EEG-Verstärker zur Steuerung von Brain-Computer Interfaces"
note: Markus Kroesen was developing P300 based BCI speller, with EasyMotiv (Easy Cap + modified Emotiv)

From discussion with Mr. A:
- left:   O1
- right:  O2
- middle: Pz

It seems that P3, P4, O1, O2, and Pz are important in P300.
And O1 and O2 can be replaced by Oz.


Previous post about EEG electrode placement for P300

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Easymotiv = Easy Cap and modified Emotiv


Well, it is time consider mBrainTrain, instead of Easymotiv

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mBrainTrain Smarting Easy cap: RBE-24
- left:  FP1, F7, FC1, C3, T7, CP1, CP5, TP9,  P3, O1
- right: FP2, F8, FC2, C4, T8, CP2, CP6, TP10, P4, O2
- middle: AFz (DRL/GND), Fz, FCz (CMS/REF), Cz, CPz, Pz
reference: FCz  (CMS)
ground: AFz  (DRL)
Sorted channels (1-24): FP1;FP2;Fz;F7;F8;FC1;FC2;Cz;C3;C4;T7;T8;CPz;CP1;CP2;CP5;CP6;TP9;TP10;Pz;P3;P4;O1;O2
RBE = Real-Behavior-EEG

- O1, O2 and Pz are there, like Mr. A's suggestion
- Oz are not there
- Fz, Cz, Pz are there, like Gerwin Schalk's suggestion
- P3 and P4 are there, like Gerwin Schalk's suggestion
- P7 and P8 are not there

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EEG electrode placement summary, in August 2014


CMS and DRL for EEG electrodes:
- CMS = Common Mode Sense, active electrode, used as reference (REF)
- DRL = Driven Right Leg, passive electrode, used as ground (GND)


standard EEG 10-20 system:

My previous experiment on steady-state evoked potential (SSVEP):
Condro, 2010, "Improvement of Response Times in SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface". Master Thesis. University of Bremen.


SocMed notes:

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EEG electrode placement for motor imagery.
without picture:
With picture:


EEG electrode placement for mu wave

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Setelah membuka-buka catatan mengenai posisi elektroda, aku berpikir untuk memperbaharuinya. Ada beberapa hal yang perlu ditambahkan mengenai posisi elektroda EEG untuk P300, yaitu penggunaan mBrainTrain Smarting, sebagai mobile EEG amplifier. Ada posisi elektroda RBE-24 dari Easy Cap yang digunakan untuk mBrainTrain.

Bremen, 4 April 2015


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