Wednesday, September 11, 2013

EEG electrode placement for motor imagery, Y01-M01-D10

Di, 10.09.2013 in Oldenburg
Year 1, Month 1, Day 10
(10 hari telah berlalu)

EEG electrode placement for motor imagery.

Emotiv EPOC:
- left:  AF3, F3, F7, FC5, P3 (CMS), P7, T7, O1
- right: AF4, F4, F8, FC6, P4 (DRL), P8, T8, O2
reference: CMS, DRL

Easy Cap, in lab.
- left:  F3, C3, P3, O1, TP9
- right: F4, C4, P4, O2, TP10
- middle: FPz, AFz, Fz, FCz, Cz, Pz
DE-82211 Herrsching

Question 1: Why they are different?
Question 2: Are there different effect in motor imagery using Emotiv system? Do experiment!

Similarity between both caps:
- left:  F3, P3, O1
- right: F4, P4, O2

Question 3: Are the references still P3 and P4?

- AF3, AFz, AF4 are aligned
- F7, F3, Fz, F4, F8 are aligned
- FC5, FC1, FCz, FC2, FC6 are aligned
- T7, Cz, T8 are aligned
- P7, P3, Pz, P4, P8 are aligned
- from previous experience, AFz was ground (GND) and Cz was reference

standard EEG 10-20 system:

My previous experiment:
Condro, 2010, "Improvement of Response Times in SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface". Master Thesis. University of Bremen.


Emotiv Cap



Hasil pengamatan alias observasi EEG cap kemarin. Aku masih bertanya-tanya, apakah pertanyaanku akan lekas terjawab minggu ini atau minggu depan. Habisi!

Oldenburg, 11 September 2013


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